What is your Credit Card Promotions?

Most of the time, when you receive the promotion leaflet from your bank, the promotion almost ends and to fight inflation and the get the utmost benefits, always check their website on their most current offers.


  1. Never apply the same credit card as your spouse so you and him can get the utmost promotion offer
  2. Try to apply same credit cards as your smart friends so that she will remind you the promotion offer
  3. Check the Welcome Gift and compare the bonus point redemption scheme
  4. Try those with no annual fee so that you don’t even have to call once a year to waive the fee
  5. Some banks have a lot of co-brand cards, make sure you can enjoy their Welcome gift if you already have one of their existing credit card cos like Bank of China, they do not offer Welcome gift if you apply for their Sogo credit card if you are already holding their normal Visa or Master Card e.g whereas HSBC does.



Bank of China


Standard Chartered


China Construction Bank


AE Platinum


Hang Seng Bank






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