Pre Christmas Party – 5 Dec 2010

This year we held our pre Christmas Party at Gene’s apartment on Dec 5 a Sunday.  With our greatest honor, our VP Con had attended this celebration by abandoning  her the other half with no regrets in return of the delicious gourmet.

Our designated chef, Ms 呂勁甜 pan fried the RIB EYE at the most appropriate outcome. The steak is tender and juicy.  I heard Zip mentioning she woke up on  11 Dec  and the great taste of the Rib Eye kept blinking in her mind.

This time I used my more recent learnt technique of pasting the oil on the steak instead of pouring it onto the pan.

Due to the over supply of cuisine, we started our encounter in food tasting starting 5:30 pm and we each ended our a big Tummy after watching the ” 萬千星輝”.

Thanks Gene for washing the dish for us.

Girls, I hope you enjoy the take-away food and finished them as well.

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