Pre Chirstmas Family Gathering – 11 Dec 2010

This year we had the Pre-Christmas gathering on 11 Dec 2010 with my Brother, Mr Chai Gor and his family and his sister Shirley E.

Our dishes include Roasted Prime Rib, Shirley E 愛心 spaghetti, Sushi Platter, Swiss Potato dish, Denny salty fish cake, fresh Veggie  etc

The Prime Rib was cut way too thick, I must admit ..ha ha… but I promised I would not blame Joe on his work

Chai Gor’s eyes were hanged after consuming less than half of the Rib and had no response on my jokes.  He sat on the chair with no movement and was totally stuck.

說到這裏我不得不用這個中文字  『擎』

According to Joe, this was exactly the same scene when Nam got stuck after 極速pouring into his stomach more than four glasses of full draft beef within certain mins  in Okinawa at the “All Your Can Drink” restaurant.  But Ah Nam kept on standing while Chai Gor kept on sitting, and according to Joe, this may be due to the theory of GRAVITY.

Chai Gor finally recovered a bit after drinking our Viet condensed coffee and Shirley’s tea.  We saw his eyes finally starting to move at the normal speed and he started to fool and trick the dogs.

Due to this circumstance, we suggested Wendy to bring out the same take away Prime Rib for Chai Gor to eat the next day so as not to waste the opportunity to push his maximum utility at the highest level.  Due to this over consuming at the shortest period, Chai Gor will reach his diminishing marginal utility and will start to hate meat going forward.   Our TARGET is achieved. woo wooo

One thought on “Pre Chirstmas Family Gathering – 11 Dec 2010

  1. Mari December 12, 2010 / 8:59 am

    Looks yummy!
    It should be very noisy in Shirley E’s house!

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