Xen Coffee

This is the first time I visited this coffee shop.  I have been to this arcade for a few times and would have tried out this cafe way earlier.  With the recommendation of Riti, another power injection, finally take a chance for a trial.  The coffee was in fact quite expensive despite of the location and enviornment.  We ordered two cups of coffee at $58 for two.  Recommeded by the waitress was the 危地馬拉Coban雨林咖啡.  Well, it had no sour taste, smooth .. and this shop specialized in the fair trade coffee. Fair trade = more expensive = humanlity = ?????


With this price, I still prefer Starbucks at least we got the sofa and the Wi Fi.

One thought on “Xen Coffee

  1. SYL November 14, 2010 / 3:01 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY arrrrrrrr

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