Recommendation for this week

1) Citi bank pay roll account

You don’t actually have to transfer your pay roll to Citi .. but just open the Step-Up Interest account and fund in consecutive for three months.  You will then have rebate for a max of HK$1000. 

You can withdraw right after your funding .. but of course you can keep a bit money there la.. and the interest is higher than normal bank accounts.  This account is checking and saving (all in one) .. very convenient.

2) Union Pay Bank of China Credit Card

As mentioned before there is admin fee for overseas transcations on all credit card, it is not shown on the bills but if you call to ask, the credit card representative will tell you.  For big banks like HSBC charge 1.5% on top of the visa card FX rate and for small banks may charge like 1.25%.

Union Pay is the only credit card on earth currently that do not charge any admin fee for overseas transcations.  But bear in mind that the FX rate is the Visa card FX rate charged at the date the credit card received the transaction bill from overseas but not the real transaction day, so the only drawback is that you won’t be able to lock the rate BUT.. sometime the rate may be more favourable..

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