Feedback to HSBC

Me and my friends and my relatives always used HSBC Credit Card in the past. We are proud to be a HSBC Credit Card Holder. The years of loyalty represented much to us and the bonus we gained from this loyalty was very rewarding. Somehow since then the promotion program change, (not sure which marketing director decide such an innovative program to avoid the loyal customers). In the past, we have the % discount on redemption (in return of our loyalty) for all HSBC Gifts include cash vouchers though there is a CAP which is very reasonable. Nowadays, there is no % discount on voucher redemption and also we must use the Online banking if we wish to redeem the cash dollar right away. We do have a few key banks and we are not confident to use the Online banking services and it is very unfair that non online banking users such as my old father etc cannot redeem coupons as the way he used to by forms. I also understand that we can register for the cash dollar coupon auto redemption program but this is not what we want and it takes time to receive it every quarter. I hope you marketing department will really listen to our feedback. Since the new promotion programs, all our acquaintances have already transferred to use other credit cards. 


please also take note 2 years ago HSBC has stopped the credit card insurance

which means anything you bought by HSBC credit card is not insured and if it is broken, no refund… but other credit cards do..

One thought on “Feedback to HSBC

  1. Sandy Chan August 31, 2010 / 1:34 am

    We are also not used HSBC credit card long long time.

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