Ways to keep fit – Scientifically

 Yesterday the program”祝君健康:減肥十件事  Well Being:10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight” by TVB pearl is quite interesting.

 According to their researches, tips as below:

 1)    Never get yourself in hunger and don’t try not eating breakfast – because when you are hungry your mind will be more attracted to high calorie food

2)    Use a smaller plate – when you use a smaller plate and fill it up full, you tend to be full rather than a big plate, you will feel empty if you don’t pile it up

3)  Choose low calorie food – some food like Donuts are super high in calorie

4) Food with protein tends to kill your hunger for a longer period – this program had done a research with three workers who were given breakfast with the same calorie but different contents, the one who eat more proteins tends to get hungry at a later stage.

 They will have more tips upcoming next week.

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