Art Jamming 18 Jul 2010

我地一共七條女去荔枝角art jamming,一百五十元一堂有野飲有小食任劃四小時,好底,D員工都好有善,D畫具都好原善。有機會會考慮再去劃,

我的作品叫做The Love Elements..

Bon’s 叫做” the Virgin Panda”  you see the green color you know ..

Gene’s 叫做”  You jump I jump” but actually the balloon almost reach the ground, not a great sacrifice at all

Zip’s 叫做 ” The undiscovered Island”  with no living creature

Em’s 叫做 “the only CAT” just becos she has a little bit more time than Zip, so she drew the cat..

Sy’s 叫做 ” please find the G Spot”好容易找

One thought on “Art Jamming 18 Jul 2010

  1. Riti July 19, 2010 / 6:22 am

    I missed drawing talent!

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