Those were the days – Part II

When I was young, everyone told me to treasure the teenage period because this would be the most happiest moment in life, you only had to study and no need to worry about other stuff.

When I grew up, I found out this was totally wrong,.  When I was at school, I got to wake up early, I could not be late and there was no air conditioning, and I had to study during holidays & weekends.  There were so many teachers and you got to get along with each of them. I got so much stress but I still had to pay to the school.

Now at work, I can relax on weekends and I have air conditioning though still a bit hot at my workplace. I could eat, drink and go to restroom anytime.  As for the stress, I am paid for it.. I conclude I love work more than school.

What about YOU??

pic 1) sticker photo with Ida & Si Ian

pic 2) Me and Sonia at her wedding

pic 3) Happy Chinese New Year at Regal Airport Hotel

One thought on “Those were the days – Part II

  1. Riti July 13, 2010 / 2:34 am

    I agreed with you – i enjoy working life than school life!

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