3 days tour very exhausted

Finally the 3 day tour has been completed.  We went in a group of 15 persons.. it is DXXM hard to run a team of 15.

We went to stay in Shatin Hyatt for two nights, the room was great.

We went for the cycling tour and BBQ at Tai Po.  Dou funny and interesting.  However the rain kept on coming once in a while. Altogether we rent 5 bicycles 3 in 1 …

Denny was cycling all the time, while Tung pretended to be cycling and Colette was obviously enjoying…

Same for my team, Joe was cycling all the time, I could only pretend to cycle cos I was really exhausted.

While “Luncheon Meat” was using the SMS all the time, made the bicycle crashed into Can Can and Sok Wak, luckily their leg were not crashed into mince.

Regarding the evening shopping, we already tried to avoid nice malls, we went into the 3 star mall in Kowloon City still we wasted 1.5 hours there, too many women shopping and crazy trying in the fitting room.

Pic: we met Mo Mo at the Royal Garden Hotel, my cousin took picture with Mo Mo

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