I will get back to work..

One month of rest ..time flies.

It is how it happened..

in July 2009, I went for body check at the Baptist hospital and the doctor recommended me to use my remaining insurance budget for ultrasign on my throat as it was abnormally thick.

A bubble was found out.. no big deal, every one had a bubble sometime in life.. right?  Joe and I were not too worry, life was back to normal.

Until one day my stupid auntie told me she had a bubble at her intestine and may be “C” related.  I started to worry.  With the encouragement of my greatest colleague, Marita, I redo my test.  The bubble was a sole hard bubble and it had increased to 4cm which is quite big.  Under the recommendation of 3 doctors, I finally did my operation after the Chinese New Year.

The operation went smooth and with the companion of Joe and the support of my best friends, I felt very secure.  I went in the hospital and departed within 24 hours.

I am now just awaiting from the refund from the insurance. haha

I have to exchange COUSIN

My cousin, Civic will be leaving to study in Melbourne whereas my cousin Si Ian will be coming back.

Nowadays, to study aboard is such a easy task.. no need to worry about

Money – cos they are too young to worry about this only the parents do

Result – cos one of the schools will take you anyway

Boredom – cos we have the Internet