Year of Tiger

Life must go on, finally finished all the Xmas and New Year Holiday.  It is time to get back to work tomorrow.  The weather is way colder than I expected, my fingers are like ice tube when I type..

I in particular dislike the Chinese New Year this year where Valentine’s Day and Chor One fell on the same day.  Both the Chinese and Western Restaurants were full and expensive.

My Travel Experiences

2009 Nov Turkey

2009 Oct Shanghai

2009 March Spain & Portugal (this is the Square where we were lost)

2008  Jun Okinawa

2008 Nov Malaysia

2008 Feb Tapei

2007 East Europe

2007 Japan, Tokyo & Hokkaido

2006 Mar Cambodia

2005 Egypt Tour



My Dear Friends / Relatives,

It has been long since I last wrote my blog .. but I will be more discipline this year and will write more this year as there will be a lot of stuffs that need to be share with all of you.  2010 would definitely be a great year.

Today is Valentine’s Day and Chor One,  I wish every readers of my BLOG a happy and wonderful and exciting and rewarding Year of TIGER .,. wra wra wra…