Fast Food Comparison

I am not a fast food fans but as a food expert, I will write about all kinds of cuisines.

Maxim – good for breakfast in particular you have a $2 coupon from Headlines.  Lunch and Dinner not recommended becos there is a lot of rice but not enough main course food.

Cafe de Coral – good for tea set, in particular the bubble milk tea and the chicken wings.

Mos Burgers – good in general, nothing really super outstanding.

Trible O’ – too expensive.

KFC – strange chicken, please don’t eat

One thought on “Fast Food Comparison

  1. SYL August 18, 2009 / 8:28 am

    hmmmm MOS Burger’s Teriyaki Beef & Saku Saku Chicken are quite outstanding…

    also Burger King’s Fish Fillet… yum yum :P”

    I like OOO”s chocolate & vanilla milkshakes ar…

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