My Con is back

Today is Monday, wondering if Connie was back to work.  Finally she was here, with my breakfast ready.

Macaroni with HAM .. looked like she knew I just recovered..

Vanessa, my dearest banker has invited me and KK for her wedding celebration lunch.  The food at Jasmine was delicious.

Me and Bon still struggling what to do for fixing the Fung Sui Problem.



收到Ah Con 電話, 說忘記了superior team lunch, “說自己天真自己傻”

吾通superior team lunch,真係為她而解散??

One thought on “My Con is back

  1. Con Con June 29, 2009 / 3:35 pm

    No no. Please don’t dissolve the superior team lunch….I mixed up the date. I saw this email earlier and thought I will be on vacation anyway, therefore didn’t pay attention until I saw the reminder email today. So sorry, but please don’t leave me. Pls forgive me. I will see tomorrow to change date. So sorry again organizer Ms. bibi…..

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